21st Annual West Clare Mini Marathon - Sunday 27th January 2019.

Huge thanks to to everybody who took part in the 21st Annual West Clare Mini Marathon on Sunday 27th January last, for your goodwill, tireless efforts, and commitment and dedication to the retention of vital cancer care services for the people of West Clare - year in and year out - we could not do this without you.

We applaud and acknowledge our 'West Clare Cancer Centre family' for your unremitting, unrelenting, deep-rooted desire to keep this ship afloat in the midst of emigration, economic downturn and the everyday trials and tribulations that face us all.
What has been achieved over the past 21 years because of your inherent goodness is truly remarkable. The lifeblood of any organisation is it's footsoldiers, so we say 'thank you' to each and everyone of you, for your tireless efforts as we continue our campaign against cancer, together.






of the Provision of Cancer Care Services for the People of West Clare!

 The sun may have set on an amazing day and another marathon, but as we look back on the achievements of the group over the past twenty years; from the provision of funding for palliative care in Ennistymon General Hospital and in Regina House in Kilrush, to its daily support services such as transport for chemotherapy and radiotherapy appointments, counselling, complementary therapies, pilgrimage funding, and the provision of palliative aids for patients' home use - we realise that the fight continues and the work goes on.  Because it needs to.  By 2020, 1 in 2 of us will be affected by cancer.  A sobering thought and an unfortunate reality.

What has been achieved by the inhabitants of West Clare Communities uniting and working together, forging their own paths in achieving and retaining these vital services for West Clare is nothing short of extraordinary - so take a bow, each and everyone of you - the life-blood of the West Clare Mini Marathon, without whose generosity of spirit and tireless endeavours we could not exist.  The beating heart of any charity is its foot soldiers - the unsung heroes who take one dimensional ideals on paper and turn them into 3D living reality.

To each and everyone of you, thank you sincerely for your commitment and dedication to the West Clare Mini Marathon Cancer Care Centre.










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